Low Taekwon-Do Academy

The Benefits of Taekwon-Do

Taekwon-Do, the Korean art of self-defence, is a system for training both the mind and body with an emphasis on the development of moral character. Taekwon-Do can be a catalyst to promote self-confidence, assertiveness, goal orientation, calmness and concentration . It is a highly effective means for both children and adults to protect themselves in an increasingly violent society. Taekwon-Do enhances many areas of people's ives both physically and mentally.

Taekwon-Do is a practical course in assertiveness training . Through supervised practice and learning of self-defence techniques, confidence increases and a strong character base is formed. Taekwon-Do also offers benchmarks of progress that are not found in many modern day activities, for example, ranking, constant sense of achievement, tests at periodic intervals and of course, learning poise in front of the instructor and audience. This can benefit a student with such activities as stage performances, public speaking and debating which all require confidence and peak performance in front of spectators.

Concentration and self-control of the body and mind are an integral part of Taekwon-Do training and are very important ingredients to academic achievement. Patterns provide an integral part of a student's training. This involves memorising a number of techniques in a fixed sequence and this use of memory is a positive skill for all students. Patterns don't just make the body work they make the mind work as well. Patterns act as a stimulus to the brain and this strengthens the student mentally. Through patterns students, especially children, learn skills that will always be of benefit to them. They learn coordination, correct execution of technique, focus, speed, balance, good posture, discipline and attitude.

Taekwon-Do also promotes achievement orientation . One of the best ways of learning is by example and this is done in the Taekwon-Do Dojang by listening, watching and copying the instructor, not in a robotic sense but with the involvement of the conscious and subconscious mind and by using key words and phrases to motivate the action. Learning in a class improves your concentration and listening skills, both of which are invaluable in the classroom and life in general.

People lacking coordination may find Taekwon-Do to be one of the best activities to develop balance and fluid motion . Flexibility is also a standard part of training. Many sports, such as soccer and gymnastics, can compliment and benefit from Taekwon-Do training.

A distinct advantage of Taekwon-Do over many team activities is that everyone can participate . Every student can perform at his or her highest level and learn to be responsible for helping others with patterns and techniques. Exposed to people of all ages and abilities teaches students insight, understanding, tolerance and improved social skills. The philosophy of Taekwon-Do has always emphasised moral, spiritual and physical growth. Taekwon-Do is an investment in your future and value system . The benefits of which will permeate every aspect of your life for years to come.